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Two days of celibrations.- Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th November 2006
International participation. Poingnent, moving. Whaling, rowing, shipwrecks, and more.

Any Henley Whaler would have felt at home here
There was many a song of whale-boats, whalermen, square riggers and such, not to mention reefs, wrecks, wenches and winches. One of the most popular songs was about rowing.

The central theme was "Here's to Stan" - Stan Hugill the famous and clearly much loved sailor, shanty-man, artist, author and broadcaster.

Some 250 people including artists from Europe and USA, all of whom paid for the privilege, attended this unique two day event. There were some famous names, from the "folk" world, and from more popular radio and TV.

It was held in the Hall and Meeting rooms of The Liner Hotel on Lord Nelson St. behind Lime St. Station (the old Gladstone Hotel), in the centre of Liverpool. (Yes, the famous "Lime Street" of Maggie May fame.)

We enjoyed many shanties, and also sailors' songs and songs of the sea and seafarers.
There were fascinating talks by people who knew him well, and archive film of his exploits and from the "Yesterday's Witness" TV series.

Special guests included Bronwen (Stan's widow), his sons, and other family members. It is very clear that they are keeping the tradition alive.

Several of Stan's paintings, kindly brought by guests, were on display. These included vivid scenes of square riggers, and of whale boats pursuing their bloody trade.

Above, a small detail from one of Stan's magnificent paintings. Do the boats look a bit familiar?
Notice how the sail/rigging has been laid over the stern, a-la-Molly.
(by kind permission of Chris Roche (shantycrew)
More to folow another day.

* Did someone say; "Who?"
Only the best known and most loved shantyman of all time.
"Seaman - 1922 /1945.
The last shantyman to sail on the last British Commercial sailing ship the 'Garthpool'
Instructor Outward Bound Sea School, 1950-1975.
Marine Artist, 1978 - 1992 - Producing some 250 marine oil paintings
Radio and Television Broadcaster" -


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