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Mol 587

Paul retired from The Henley College after 17 years, but still works nearby

It was a great pleasure to introduce you to rowing and sailing
If you want to continue "Mollying", see below
Good luck - See you on The River!
Paul W


Some things are still available for students:-


The Great River Race. (right) The biggest and most prestigious event of its kind in Europe. More than 300 boats, 2,400 competitors and 35 trophies.

Molly in the fleet at Barnes 2007

Three students joined The Henley Whalers to row The Great River Race 2011
They trained with the adults in August and September, and we all got really fit
In long-distance races we usually row non stop at 95%, except for taking turns to have a half-hour rest
What do you get? - Pain, blisters, abuse, insults, tears, elation, pride, certificates, prizes? glory?
See our GRR report here

May 2010

Mol.Pictures 2010 - 2011.Capsize drill

Older pictures 2007-8 . 2008-9 . 2009-10

Whaleboat "Molly"

Safe, stable, prize-winning* boat

A solo learner's boat

Quite stable for beginners

Could lead to competitions and sailing

"Molly" in Venice May 2008

Faster boat

A quad - Four rowers

Where? - Walking distance from college

Cross Henley Bridge, turn left and go down the tow-path to U.T.R.C

Fast boat

An octuple
(Eight rowers and a cox)

Time - Wednesdays, 13:30 - 15:30
(also outside college hours - click here)

Equipment and Training - provided by Upper Thames Rowing Club, The Henley Whalers, and The Henley College

Anyone can do it - You do not need any special kit, experience or fitness initially
Later you might want sports clothes

Contact - "pwat" on the college email

You can - Learn to row and steer, use a range of boats, acquire other nautical skills, cultivate teamwork, gain self-confidence, use the gym, make friends, have fun!

On the ergos

An indoor race

"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats"

"Molly" is a frequent prize winner

She has featured in events nationally and internationally, including:-

Italy - Venice 2008 onward - Various prizes
Sweden - The Blekinge Raid 2003 - Overall winner
Holland - The Dorestaat Raid 2008, 2009, 2010
Ireland - Ocean to City race 2005, Glandore Clasics 2013.
Scotland - Sail Caledonia / The Great Glen Raid - 3 times overall winner
Wales - Milford Haven - The Sea-Fair event 2008, 2010. Cardiff OGA Jubilee.
Devon - The Eddystone Challenge 2008 - Prizewinner in 2006
Sussex - The Rye Rum Race - Winner January 2006 & 2009
Hampshire - New Year's Day Solent Ice-Breaker - 9 years
"The English Raid" - Hampshre, Essex, Norfolk, Cornwall - 2010 - 2014.
London - The Great River Race (21 miles Richmond to Greenwich) - 10 years
Henley - The Phyllis Court time trials - 3 times winner of the whaler category

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"Big-Boat Rowing / Sociable Rowing / Whaleboat Rowing"
This exciting new activity was launched in September 2007 in conjunction with the long-running
Henley College Rowing enrichment and the Upper Thames Rowing Club

Students said; "Molly is good fun and not too difficult to row compared to fine boats", "More laid-back", "It is easy to use and I feel safer in Molly than I do in any other boat", "You can socialise on the boat, and keep switching spots", "Enjoyed doing the sprints", "It's just good fun! :-) "
Mol 573
Molly is normally used by The Henley Whalers who practise regularly all year, and have
won many prizes, for rowing and sailing, in UK and international events.

With the kind permission of Molly's owner Geoff Probert, Yachtmaster/Skipper Paul Waterman helps Henley College students (most of whom have little or no previous rowing experience) to learn to row, cultivate teamwork, take the helm, and acquire other nautical skills.
Mol 587
Click to enlarge
One of the "narrow racing boats"
Molly's design extends the appeal of rowing to those who prefer an alternative to narrow racing boats, and her excellent stability allows her to navigate when river conditions prevent the use of less stable craft.
Mol 579

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