A quick hitch for Molly's bow mooring line

(1) Take the bow mooring line to the nearest corner of the footbridge.

The pictures show the vertical post supporting the handrail.

(2) Instead of passing the entire spare length of mooring line around the post, just form a long loop and pass it half a turn around the post.

The loop is probably about 3 feet long.


(6) Keep tension on the long loop, swing it over the “Standing line” (the one coming from the boat) from left to right, then bring the end of the loop up through the triangular “hole” you had just created.
You have tied a “Half-hitch”.


(3) Adjust the length and tension of the “Standing Line” (the one coming from the bow of the boat), till the boat is in the right position.

(4) Pass the long loop one whole turn around the post.

(5) Re-check the position of the boat, and the tension of the “Standing line” (coming from the boat).

(Continued top right)


(7) You need a second “Half-hitch”, so hold the long loop in your right hand, and use your left hand to keep a fist-sized hole between you and the first half-hitch.  Bring the remnants of the long loop up through this little hole, and take up the slack.

You’ve tied your second “Half-hitch”.
The two adjacent “Half-hitches” are called a “Clove-hitch”.


(8) We don’t like to leave the mooring line like this for long, so before leaving:-

Undo the whole hitch. Re-tie it lower down through the triangle on the horizontal bar.

Use the same system of a long loop, one and a half times around the timber, secured with two “Half-hitches”.

For extra security, pass the “spare line” through the (now rather small) loop, and tie a bowline around another bar with the last of it.

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