THE HENLEY WHALERS - Ocean to City - CROSSHAVEN - CORK 4th June 2005 Updated 23/6/07 To Homepage

Pictures from before, during and after the event

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All contributions welcomed
(Had some from NG, Thanks.)
Here are SM's pictures - "I don't remember it being that sunny!"

See Ocean to City Website for link to results

Cork Harbour "Ocean to City" a15 mile race.
More specific info here
A poster here with very basic map of the course (a bigger version of the one on the left)
Crosshaven's own home page + Includes several Walks around Crosshaven + Local map
Compass Rose B&B
The Royal Cork Yacht Club, Crosshaven
General info about Cork here
Beware - Murphy's Beers Festival is out of date!
The previous weekend Baltimore wooden boat festival 27th - 29th May

Some Meteorological & Maritime links for the Cork & Crosshaven area

Weather forecast for Cork - 10-day
Crosshaven Lifeboat has a good page of links
Tides Worldwide
Sea area forecasts

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