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Molly Anchored
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See Gloriana gliding from left to right.  Peer through the salute.  That’s Molly at Putney!  We’ve just cast off from the RIB and are about to join the procession back upriver.

Molly Anchored
Maltese dgħajjes
(Thanks RP)

Sunday, 2nd April 2017 - In Flotilla accompanying Royal Barge "Gloriana"

Invited to join a flotilla accompanying the Royal Barge "Gloriana", Henley Whalers launched "Molly at Chiswick Quay Marina, and locked out onto the River Thames before 09:00.
This became a day of much time-killing.
Most of the morning was spent at leisure in the clubhouse of University of London Boat Club, whilst awaiting the 12:15 briefing.

By 13:00 the fleet was mustered off ULBC awaiting the row downriver.
At Putney there was time for a comfort break ashore before more waiting for Gloriana to arrive from Chelsea.

Around 15:00 the flotilla is under way again slowly processing behind Gloriana up the University Boat Race course, much saluting with oars, and cheering taking place en-route.

There was no problem keeping up, indeed the greatest challenge was to go slowly enough.

On arrival back at ULBC there was more time to kill while waiting till after 17:30 for enough rise of tide to lock back in to Chiswick Quay Marina to slip Molly back on to her trailer.

Rowing up the course

Hammershith Bridge

".thanks to all for such a lovely day.  What  a great way to spend a Sunday ..."
" . a great day out in the sun..."

" .an absolutely WONDERFUL day on the river.. The Race Director and she was over the moon with what we had achieved.... we created a great spectacle for the 1000's on the bank ..." (Malcolm Knight)


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A report from Wraysbury Skiffs.

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