THE HENLEY WHALERS - English Raid 2013
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Norfolk - Monday 5th to Friday 9th August 2013.

From Barton Turf via Hickling and Hunters Yard to Wroxham.

Monday 5th. Launched at Barton Turf Staithe..

Tuesday - Rowed out along the narrow channels to the River Ant.
After reaching Barton Broad it was possible to hoist sail and stow the oars.

Picture left - Rowing along the River Ant - Courtesy of Clive Tully

Tuesday continued with racing on Barton Broad, then a cruise down the Ant, through Ludham Bridge to the River Bure, then to Hunter's Yard for the night.

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Happy Crew
Tranquil cruising
Peacful mooring
Wednesday - Up the Bure to Potter Heigham. (below). Under the infamous low bridge, to Hicklng Broad.
Potter Heigham
Open Water
Bow wave
Overnight at The Pleasure Boat Inn. (Right)

(Click any picture to enlarge).

Pub mooring
Committee meeting
Thursday - Racing on Hickling Broad (below), then heading for Horsey..
What a sail!
Close quarters

(Left) Thursday lunchtime at Horsey wind-pump.

Then the wind dropped.
(Right) Jib hauled way up... to "catch the wind" ("may as well try").

Catch the wind?
That sail again

(Left) That's better!

(Right) Potter Heigham. Raise the mast, and sail away.

Potter again
Sailing away

Friday. Hunter's Yard to Wroxham.

(Right) En-route to Wroxham.

Final dinner. Prizegiving. Farewells.

Some pictures are courtesy of Topher and Jan Dawson and Stephen and Jenny Fairbrass .
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