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Great River Race 2007
Molly's Best Ever GRR
From our own reporter

Molly at Greenwich Yacht Club
Woolwich Barrier in he background

Also known as London's other Marathon, this internationally renowned event is is one of the biggest and most prestigious of its kind.
This 22 mile race through London is now firmly established in our calendar as
one of our favourites.

The cut and thrust of overtaking and being overtaken at the start was followed by continual excitement of manoeuvring through the pack of 300 colourful and varied boats.

Countryside scenery of Ham, Richmond and Kew slipped quickly behind us. The University Boat Race course flashed by, backwards, giving way to Wandsworth, Chelsea, and Westminster. The choppy moments near London Bridge and Tower Bridge seemed more extensive than usual, but Molly gamely danced through.

At Greenwich, The Cutty Sark, our usual landmark for the finish, was noted for her absence.
Exhausted and elated, celebrating and picnicking, we drifted gently with the tide toward Greenwich Yacht Club where our good friend DW had arranged use of bar and slipway.

Oh yes - Molly had excelled herself. This was her 6th GRR but the first one in which she won a prize.
We managed:- 1st Whaler, 3rd Riparian, 18th Veteran, 19th Thames, 35th Fastest, 67th overall, of 280.
Fastest boat took 2:11:04. Our time 2:40:35. Slowest (bless 'em) 5:15:39.

Well done Molly, and her crew!

Crew pictures/editorial allways welcomed.

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