“Ice Breaker” voyage to … the Isle of Wight - 2nd January 2012

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Has the word "intrepid" been used too often?
Sure, it was cold, though we've experienced colder; and it was windy, but sails need wind.
Think positive; we arrived at Calshot on schedule, we launched in sunshine (see Steve's pictures), we rowed a little then sailed with "Julia" (the trysail) and reached Cowes in plenty of time to lunch at the same pub as last year in the company of a merry crowd of Trevelyans and Pelhams.
The mainsail was used for the return leg, completed in our best-ever Ice-Breaker time - (Stats below).
A minor navigational nuance placed us too close to the seabed on the approach to Calshot, so oars were required for a few strokes.

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From Steve's picassa
Steve's pics

Outbound - Rowing and sailing - 3.51Nm, 1hr 11 mins, Av 3Kt, Max 7.1Kt(?)
Inbound - Sailing & rowing - 3.59Nm, 39 mins, Av 5.5Kt, Max 9.4Kt.

On-passage to Cowes
At Cowes preparing for the return leg
Pictures from previous years > 2011, 2010, 2009.
Weather forecast (Cowes) here. - Calshot webcam here.

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