Henley Whalers - "Annual(?) Ice Breaker" - 2019

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Crew at Calshot.
Crew at Calshot

"Annual Ice Breaker" 2nd Jan 2019

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Tracks, south and north..

Ice-Breaker Video
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Rowing to Cowes
Rowing to Cowes 1

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1-day Row & Sail to Cowes for lunch and back.

Since 2015 (occasion of the Hoeg Osaka vehicle transporter aground on Bramble Bank) river conditions at Henley, and weather on the day have scuppered our traditional start to each New Year.
At last, the dice fell in our favour again, and nine crew assembled at 09:00 on the banks of the Solent at Calshot.

Faffage allowances were perfect, and Molly's entire program ran to schedule..

Sea state was almost flat during the row south to the east of Bramble Bank and into Cowes, and track was almost optimum for the tidal stream conditions. Horizon was scanned for Langstone Cutters but they were not sighted.

Concerns about low tide depth at Town Quay led to mooring at Trinity Pier. Still no sign of Langstone Cutters!
Pleasant surprise meeting Charles while walking through town to The Fountain at Town Quay.
The entire back room had been laid out for our combined parties, but where are the Langstone Cutters?

Thirst and hunger beckoned, so lunch was ordered, and arrived very promptly - but still no "Cutters"!
Deserts were enjoyed by a few, then acknowledging eventual sunset, Whalers rose to leave, sailing apparel donned, . . . then in come the Cutters.
Our "spy in the camp" (ex "Whaler" Ben) revealed that where faffage is concerned, The Whalers can't compete with The Cutters!

Back at the pier, kit was re-lashed, sails hoisted, and Molly sailed off the mooring, rounded up to port, into the channel, and set course to the north. Astonishingly, the wind was just right (only just) to sail all the way to Calshot on one reach.
Rounded up to face the easterly wind, lowered main, gentle glide onto the gravel under gib alone.
Anchor deployed over the stern before beaching enabled easy re-floating after some crew had gone ashore.
Molly to trailer, hosed down, all stowed, covered. Crew congregated for re-hydration and goodies in the car park.

Schedule - Arrive Calshot 09:00. Launch 10:30. Back at Calshot by 15:30? (HT Portsmouth 08:49. Sunset 16:06).

09:00 - Arrival at Calshot - Faffage begins!
10:30 - Launch - 0 miles (statute).
10:42 - Under way southbound - 0.16 miles.
11:50 - Arrival at Trinity landing - 4.59 miles (statute).

14:27 - Cast off from Trinity landing - 0 miles.
15:30 - Rounded up off Calshot to lower the mainsail - 4.27 miles.
15:36 - Beached at Calshot - 4.3 miles (statute).
15:40 - On trailer & lashing down.
16:30 - Party in the car park.
16:50 - On the road home.

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Morning - Calshot to Cowes southbound (rowing) via east of Bramble gauge. Includes a little pre-launch faffage.
Afternoon - Cowes to Calshot northbound (sailing) via west of West Knoll buoy. Includes all the final faffage and feasting in the car park.

Rowing to Cowes 2
Rowing to Cowes 2

(pic thanks to Charles)
Lunch - "Fountain Inn"



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