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ALL CREW - If you row, sail, or party aboard Molly - This one matters to you!

What is this? - It had to be removed from the bilge pump.

What is the bilge pump? = Hand operated device mounted below thwart (bench) number 4.
It removes water from the bilge (bottom of the boat around your feet).

Why does it matter? = Our safety could be seriously compromised if water could not be swiftly pumped out after a capsize or swamping.
Removal of blockages takes several minutes and requires the use of tools not normally accessible when the boat is flooded.

What can we ALL do about it? = Good "housekeeping". Take care to not drop any small items in the boat. Clear up all litter. Even a match stick can disable the pump.
Soft items like small leaves are not a problem. Items over 35mm (1.5 inch) are too big to enter the suction pipe.

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