Henley Whalers - Annual Long Row - 2018

Version 20/10/18
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Sheffield Lock

Long Row 2018 . Date
Crew Numbers
Car shuffling,.
"Last minute". Things to Check .

Possible Future Events:-
"Long Sail"
Long Row 2019
. "English/Medway Raid" 2019 .

Date - October 20th & 21st (& Fri 19th)

Newbury, River Kennet to Reading, then Thames to Henley, UTRC.
29 miles + 24 Locks.
Mainly rural. Fairly local. Easy logistics.

Previous Long Rows here.
Possibilities for the future - "Long Sail". Long Row 2019. Medway Raid ('19?).

Above Sheffield Lock
Above Sheffield Lock
K&A Map
Map - Newbury to Henley

Crew numbers

More than 12 crew can sign up. 13, 14 or even 15.
On the Kennet, the locks and swing bridges are very frequent. - Average interval 0.6 mile. See Table of Distances >>
Able-legged crew take turns to walk ahead, maybe once or twice per day, and set locks or bridges, to synchronise with Molly’s arrival..

The CBS awaits your confirmation.

Spreadsheet icon
Distances, Times & Alerts
Opens in XL (updated 17/10, 00:30)
K&A Map1
Map Newbury./.Aldermaston

To cover slipway, moorings, towage, research site-vist, second lock windlass, bridge key, etc.

Friday no charge.
Saturday £10 per person .
Sunday £10 per person.
See email for payment details. - Anticipate a partial refund.


K&A map2
ITINERARY .Back to Top

FRIDAY 19th Oct
Morning - Slip Molly out at Aston. Timing - 08:50 Car shuffling Aston. 09:00 UTRC. Slip at Aston at 10:30.
Then to Launch at Newbury - Slipway is booked (+ phoned & emailed Fri 12/10/2018) - Contact details here.
Car access, Location, Pictures - Click here.

Optional possibility = Upstream exploration. [See G-map]
Moor for the night at the slipway - Come home.


Transport - Click here.

Cast off at 09:30. - Row from Newbury - Location - [G-map] -
Locks, Bridges, Table of Distances, etc.
Simple Rowing map above right.

Saturday Lunch stop
Any time after Colthrop Lock No 91. - (Subject to adjustment on the day).
Probably "The Row Barge" [website], Station Road, Woolhampton, RG7 5SH. 51.394471, -1.178332. [G-map].

Saturday Night mooring
6 hrs*, 13 locks, 11 miles from start. - *(Of which maybe 3hrs:20 at locks)
Downstream of "Tyle Mill Lock" [51.418719, -1.100205], at the East end of the residential moorings - [G-map].
Toilet (We have key) 100 metres.
"The Spring Inn" 560 metres. [Website]
Car park - Click here. - Open all hours.

(Alternative, but less secure location - 7 hrs from start - Near Theale Swing Bridge - [G-map] - "Fox & Hounds" 700 metres south. Station 700 metres north.)

Collect cars from Newbury.
Come home. Car / (train?).

Row Barge pub
"Row Barge" & Swingbridge

Tyle Mill Lock
Tyle Mill Lock

Tyle Mill Swing Bridge
Tyle Mill Swing Bridge

Tyle Mill Mooring
Night stop
Tyle Mill

SUNDAY 21st Oct
Transport - Click here.

Cast off at 09:30. - Row from night mooring (see above).
Locks, Bridges, Table of Distances, etc.
Simple Rowing map above right.

Sunday Lunch stop
"Reading". - (Walking distances are much greater after lunch. Only 12 Crew aboard).
Probably "The Fishermans Cottage". RG1 3HJ.
Good range of food and drink. Takes lunch bookings. [website].
Mooring on right, just before lock [G-map]
. > > Pictures on right >>

Car Access - Pub car park at 51.455514, -0.955186. Off Canal Way.
Access is from the "roundabout" at Queens Rd, Watlington St, Kings Rd. Off Kings Rd at 51.454079, -0.959302 then via Orts Rd. [G-map]

Alternatives -
Probably not Oracle (not mooring-friendly).
Maybe "The Outlook" (former "House on the Bridge" electrical shop).
Probably not "Bel & Dragon" (unsuitable). Probably not Jolly Anglers (not very jolly).

Sunday Night mooring
Henley UTRC
7 hrs*, 11 locks, 18 miles from "Tyle Mill Lock". - *(Of which maybe 2hrs:40 at locks)

Collect cars from Tyle Mill, Sunday pm or Monday.

Lunch Stop Mooring
Mooring for Lunch stop

Fishermans Cottage
"The Fishermans Cottage"

View from Fishermans Cottage
View from pub

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Saturday - Plan un-changed except two "SM"s now disambiguated. +Includes GP's input.
Morning - See location details below.
               Leave Henley at 08:00 - Assume 30 minutes to Tyle Mill.  30 more minutes to Newbury - Cast off at 09:30.
               Car (a) - RP (+AK).  Car (b) - GP (+MP, DC. Then +RP & AK).
               Cars (a) & (b)       To Tyle Mill Lock, carrying max 5 people between them..
               Car (a)   Park at Tyle Mill Lock. (car park on right after 2 bridges)
               Car (b)   Take all occupants of cars (a) & (b) to Newbury.  Park at the Marina...
               Car (c) – StM (+ST, BB, JB) to Newbury Greenham Mill (road).
               Car (d) - PW (+IZM, SuM, maybe LM+1) to Marina.
               Or LM (Car e) direct to Newbury Greenham Mill (road)..
Evening - On arrival at Tyle Mill Lock - All drivers get out at the lock and go to car (a) in the nearby car park.
               Car (a)   Take all drivers from Tyle Mill to Newbury to collect cars (b), (c), (d), (e?).
               All drivers return to meet at "Spring Inn" and join the fun, or collect crew from Tyle Mill.
               Remaining crew work through Tyle Mill Lock and swing bridge, take Molly to the mooring.
               Prepare her for the night, then walk to the pub. (or get lift?)  (Toilets available near bridge - We have key).
               At pub, "Spring Inn", re-hydrate.  Go home.

Sunday - Plan Un-changed, but RP morning only. RP & AK simply swap roles. - +1 other to leave - Public transport maybe?
Morning - See location details below.
               Leave Henley at 08:30 - Assume 30 minutes to Tyle Mill. - Cast off at 09:30.
               Car (a) - RP (+AK).  Car (b) - GP (+MP, DC. Then +RP & AK).
               Cars (a) & (b) - To Henley Mill Lane car park (Marsh Lock), carrying max 5 people between them.
               Car (a)   Park at Mill Lane car park, Henley (Marsh Lock).
               Car (b)   Take all occupants of cars (a) & (b) from Mill Lane Henley  (Marsh Lock) to Tyle Mill (Sulhamstead).
               Car (c) – StM (+ST, BB, JB) to Tyle Mill Car Park (on right after 2 bridges). - Prepare Molly.
               Car (d) - PW (+IZM, SuM, maybe LM+1) to Tyle Mill Car Park (on right after 2 bridges). - Prepare Molly.
               Car (e) - PM (+KM) to Tyle Mill Car Park (on right after 2 bridges). - Prepare Molly.

Evening - On arrival at Marsh Lock. - All Drivers go to car (a) in Mill Lane.
               Car (a)   Take all drivers from Marsh Lock to Tyle Mill to collect cars (b), (c), (d), (e?).
               All then return to UTRC to collect all crew.
               Remaining crew take Molly to UTRC and "put her to bed".  (Toilets & shelter available at UTRC).
               All meet at UTRC then pub.  Re-hydrate.  Go home.


NewburyGreenham Mill (road). – This is to avoid more than 2 cars parking at the marina.
Access as for Marina (below) but park in the approach road, Greenham Mill.  [G-Map] .

Newbury - Slipway - Marina - Maximum 2 cars.
Google calls it "Newbury Chandlery, Greenham Island", RG14 5SG. 51.401443, -1.315964. [G-map]
Access - From the A339 roundabout at 51.400335, -1.320545, alongside Thames Valley Police. Mill Lane B3421. 430 metres (at 51.401519, -1.314112) left into Greenham Mill to 51.402116, -1.314534, then left along the towpath.
> Pics on right >
Rail station - 0.6 mile on foot.

Tyle Mill Lock (Night-stop, Saturday) - Access. West of Theale. Turn off A4 Bath Rd at "The Spring Inn" 51.422556, -1.105305, RG7 5HP, signposted Sulhampstead. Go over rail bridge and two river bridges. 50 metres, turn right into parking at 51.418545, -1.099945. RG7 4BS. [G-map].

Theale (Alternative, less secure night-stop) - Access. In Theale follow signs toward the rail station. On Station Rd, go over the rail bridge. Go over 3 river bridges. Parking on hard verge either side of road at 51.429393, -1.070165, RG7 4AJ. Also car park on left but beware "Closes At Dusk". [G-map]

Henley, Mill Lane Car Park – This is to save time at the end of the day. - Access from Reading Rd, Henley.  Car park is beyond the rail bridge and on the left.  RG9 4HG.  51.528798, -0.890786. [G-map].

UTRC - You know it?


The Cunning Man Burfield
Slipway - Newbury
Newbury Slipway
Slipway - Newbury

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Misc info sources and technical stuff:-

C&RT license required. (Got it) Rates > Need Short term unpowered? (for 8.70m)
K&A Date-specific click here, < CLOSURES, ETC < CHECK "Last minute".
Seen CRT notice about BR works
- These are on Sun 21st. We will be off that stretch by Sat pm. And "the towpath itself will not be closed"
Bridges (Lift/Swing) - Several are very low - CRT Key (PW Bought 25/9/18).
Lock windlass (1 from Medway with GP - PW bought 2nd, 25/9/18).
EA River level at Newbury. Theale. Blakes Lock.
EA River Thames closures etc. . < CHECK "Last minute".

Weather forecasts (based on Reading) - "Dark Sky". TWO . Metcheck, YR, Met Office, TWC..
To get an idea how far ahead you can trust them, see these "Ensembles" - WeatherCast, Wetterzentrale.

Slipway - Top end -
Newbury Marina. Mill Lane, RG14 5SG. 01 635 282 208, 07584 566 197. email.
Boatlaunch . (Use the map to find slipway then details)

Other sources:-
Canal Guide.co.uk - Kennet & Avon . History. Route description with pictures
Jim Shead Waterways . Kennet & Avon .Distances. Details, Links to Pictures (loads). Many other links
Canal Plan.org.uk .River Kennet. Useful map and chart
Waterway Routes - Might be useful?
Canal & River Trust - Kennet & Avon . Useful for Map, stoppages etc
Inland Waterways Association .

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The rest of this page features
A possible future "Long Sail"
- London to The Medway (2018?)
A possible future English Raid
- Medway (2019?)
Possible Future Long Row - Lee & Stort (2019?)
Some other "bright ideas" - will follow soon!

Possible future "Long Sail"
- Thames to the sea - eg Gallions Point to Southend, Sheerness or Rochester (Medway). - (Could also be a "TASTER" for a Medway Raid?).
35 miles Gallions to Sheerness, or reverse (either way is tide-dependant).
(PW has experience of this area. - eg several runs Greenwich to Medway in one day)

Jim Shead Waterways .Medway - Include tidal section and to Sheerness - Distances. Details, Links to Pictures (loads). Many other links.
Canal Plan - Thames, Tidal section, Woolwich Barrier to the sea.
Canal Plan.org.uk - Medway - Tidal section - Useful map and chart.

NAVIGATION, etc - (Data being collected - PLEASE SEND ANY USEFUL LINKS.)
Port of London Thames Recreational Users Guide - Teddington to Broadness - Broadness to Sea Reach.
Slipways -
Need to identify suitable slipways at each end - London end - Gallions? Estuary end; North side & South Side. Medway & Swale - See Medway Rowing above
Might need overnight mooring, accommodation en-route, eg Gravesend, North Kent, Essex..

(Canal Guide = Nope) - ("Waterways Routes" = nope)

Gallions to Sheppy, measured
"Map" Gallions to Sheppey, Measured

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Possible Future English Raid (2019?)
- The Medway, its Estuary, and The Swale. Back to Top
Famous for wildlife, Rochester Castle & Cathedral, Chatham Historic Dockyard, Isle of Sheppey, The Swale, Harty Ferry, Faversham Creek, Real Ales!
An estuarine and bay area of creeks and islands, a similar size to Golfe Du Morbihan - See comparison..
(PW has experience of this area.)

2018 would be the 351st anniversary of the Battle of the Medway (The Dutch inflicted one of the worst ever defeats on the British Navy)

Jim Shead Waterways .Medway - Include tidal section and to Sheerness - Distances. Details, Links to Pictures (loads). Many other links.
Canal Plan.org.uk . Medway tidal section

(Data being collected - PLEASE SEND ANY USEFUL LINKS.)
Need to identify suitable slipways Thames Estuary; North side & South Side. Medway & Swale.
Need to identify moorings for overnights and day visits. Thames Estuary; North side & South Side. Medway & Swale.
See Medway Rowing above.
Need to identify overnight accommodations - Thames Estuary; North side & South Side. Medway & Swale.
Consider combination of Arethusa and Medway Yacht Club.

The Swale -
Faversham -

(Canal Guide = Nope)? - ("Waterways Routes" = nope)

Slipways - Bottom end:-
Medway Yacht Club - Expecting us
Otherwise "fall-back" at
Gillingham pier, Slipway 51.397289, 0.554601 Picture.
Queenborough. TBC

Arathusa - "Ensuites for Staff...." (worth checking) - Close to Medway Yacht Club
Ship and Trades Hotel
Premier Inn Chatham/Gillingham Victory Pier
Travelodge Chatham Historic Dockyard, Western Ave, Chatham ME4 4NT, UK
University of Kent, Medway Campus. Liberty Quays Blake Ave Gillingham ME7 1FL UK
Some of the above are near Gillingham Marina.

Medway Estuary map
Medway Estuary "map"

Thames & Medway "map"
Thames and Medway "map".

Aerial view from North

Medway & Morbihan compared scale
Medway Estuary and
Morbihan compared

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Possible Future Long Row
- Lee and Stort Navigation. eg Hoddesdon to Bow Creek
Mixed rural and urban/industrial. 24 miles (TBC) + Locks.

Canal Guide.co.uk .Lee & Stort - History. Route description with pictures.
Jim Shead Waterways . Lee & Stort .Distances. Details, Links to Pictures (loads). Many other links.
Canal Plan.org.uk ..Lee & Stort. Useful map and chart.
Waterway Routes.co.uk .- Lee & Stort, Limehouse Basin, River Lee, River Stort, Hertford Union - Tables of distances, etc. Cruising maps to buy.

Canal & River Trust .River Lee Navigation - Useful for Map, stoppages, etc.- C&RT license required.
Boaters'Guide to London's Waterways - Info and maps.

Slipways - Top end
Lee Valley Marina. (& crane). Stanstead Abbas, Herts SG12 8AL, 01920 870 499, .email .
Rye House, Rye Rd, Hoddesdon, EN11 0EH. 01992 465151 ? . Lee Valley Park (Free? but need permission).
Hallingbury Marina ?. 01279 723568.. email.
Boatlaunch . (Use the map to find slipway then details)
I W A. - L&S - List of boatyards.

Bottom end - At Thames, need to consider - Tide height & direction. Possible slipways.

Bob has kindly offered to do the on-site research for this region, and currently suggests:-
"Possible itineraries might include:

1. Friday PM: Launch at Lee Valley Marina (Stanstead Abbots) public slipway see Boatlaunch
   Up to Hertford to moor overnight.
   Hertford -> Thames (at Bow, or Limehouse via the Cut). Through the Olympic Park towards the end.
   Total trip (excl. Fri) under 30 miles 19? locks
2. Fri PM: Launch at Kecksy’s Farm (Sawbridgeworth) 51.820573, 0.158198 (but slipway will need checking)
   Up to Little Hallingbury marina or Stortford to moor overnight.
   Stortford -> Thames as above
   Total trip (excl. Fri) 32 miles 30? locks
   Alternative might be to crane in at Little Hallingbury if they can do it.

Both the above are shorter than our normal two day rows, but we’d need to add time to reach whatever slipway we finish at and possibly account for the tide. If Poplar Rowing Club, we could potentially choose to emerge at whichever of Limehouse or Bow gives us the best passage to the slipway for the state of the tide."

L&S Map
Map - Lee & Stort

River Lee Boat
Lee Valley Slipway

River Lee Boat
Lee & Stort Navigation

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General Information.
Boatlaunch . Use the map to find slipway then details.
River & Canal Licensing - A list of authorities.
Canal Guide.co.uk - Online guides to many UK canals & canalised rivers...
Canal Plan.org.uk - Maps of many waterways.
Jim Shead Waterways . Distances. Details, Pictures (loads). Links. Interactive map.
Waterway Routes.co.uk . A source of cruising maps to buy.

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