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An introduction for Guests and New Crew - PART 1 - Molly's Sailing Equipment.. . . Click here to open this page in its own new window.

Still evolving! - Version 15/7/19 - Press your "Refresh" button to check for updates

Some (voluntary) fun to start the session - A 2 minute video of Molly passing by. Select full screen, and turn up the volume!

Now, to work! - 1st Session - Introducing Molly's Sailing Equipment -

All diagrams and pictures on this page are MOLLY-SPECIFIC so will be useful to sailors and non-sailors alike.
Learning names, locations and functions of some of the items would be useful.

Mast & Shrouds. Halyards.
Sails. Molly on The Broads
Here's the real thing! - Click for full size.
Traveller & Hook. . . .Mast Spar Traveller Hanks
The Traveller and The Hook. . . .Right. Looking up the mast - Hanks on the leading edge of the Jib, attach it to the Forestay. . . . Click for Full Size
Boom Main-Sheet<==>MainSheet Rear Deck
The upper block on the Main Sheet is Snap-Shackled to the Boom Bridle . . Click pics for Full size . . The Main Sheet has Upper and Lower "Blocks" (containing pulleys).
Sheets. . . .Mast from Fwd + Boom & Yoke
Most of the equipment identified above is visible in these pics . . . Click pics for full size. . . Right - The Yoke. (and some items you've already learned!)

Mast Step. . . .Downhaul
Looking down on Thwart (bench) No.2. . . . Click pics for full size . . . .The Boom Down-Haul prevents the Boom rising up the mast. It needs frequent adjustment.

Rig over the Stern. . . . .
Main-Sail in its bag, lashed over the stern . .Click pics for full size .
Rehydration !
The "Re-Hydration" manoeuvre - The equipment is stowed in The Cooler (forward-port locker) to be used only at the end of the day.

End of 1st Session.

To Follow -
How sails work, and how to make them work well.
Tacking and Gybing.
Safety aboard.
Capsize (rarely happens, but...)
Two really useful knots
And more!


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