THE HENLEY WHALERS - Propulsion upgrade?

Version 7/11/15

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Scandal alert!

The secret is out.

From our undercover agent.

Molly discovered with covert race-winning weapon?
A reliable witness has reported that under the smoke-screen of the VW debacle, Molly was observed on her home waters blatantly testing a cheat device.

It appears that (poorly hidden) equipment delivers extra power when required to boost the rowers' efforts.
Molly was discovered achieving 3 knots (SOG) against the stream without resorting to any other form of propulsion.


Outboard M

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- Tuesday 20th October 2015, 14:45.
Power Plant - Minn Kota Traxxis 45 electric outboard motor ( 45lb thrust, 36” shaft length)
85Ah battery - Would give 2 hours at full power. Substantially more at part throttle.
Location - Downstream of Upper Thames Rowing Club

What Next? Solar power?

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