THE HENLEY WHALERS - La Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan, France - 2015
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Sunday 10th - Sun 17th May 2015 -

Pre-Event Info -

Map of the bay with Molly's Sailing Intinerary 2015 here.
"Whalers'" accommodation (x3) . here.

Brilliant tidal sailing mainly in enclosed bay with islands and creeks.
Masses of traditional sailing boats from three-masted tall ships to small dingles. An excellent week!
Molly will be in Flotilla 3B, Traditional Leisure boats & Open boats. (Flotilla 2 is Sail & Oar).

Molly's page in the offical list (false link).
Weather forecast (Isle-d'Arz)

Link to the official full sailing itinerary - (download PDF (2015)
La Semaine Du Golfe du Morbihan Website - Latest French version (better graphics).

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Golfe Du Morbihan map
Map of Molly's Morbihan Sailing Itinerary 2015

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Molly Tracks
Molly's Morbihan tracks 2015

Molly had been hauled out on the previous Wednesday (6th May) so only three days were available for maintenance.
Sunday 10th May - Departed Henley at around 5 pm for Portsmouth, meeting en-route to put the right people in the right cars, arriving 19:00 for check-in. Customary "buffet" dinner then sleep.
Monday, mini-breakfast on board. A second breakfast at Hede, approx. 45 minutes drive from St. Malo, with trailer parking at the ruined castle. Croissants boughts from the local bakery are enjoyed with coffee at the Tabac.

Accommodation is mobile-home/chalets at "Camping Pen Mar", near Lamor Baden. (Reception closed 12-2)!
Pillows and blankets provided. Our own sheets/sleeping bags were brought. The "formule" breakfast at the campsite (extra charge) was abandoned in favour of self catering with our own supplies of tea, coffee, porridge oats, bacon etc. The "Molly" tea-pot and others were taken along, plus kettles (not part of French inventories).

Good intentions to launch promptly and join the Grand Parade at 19:00, were scuppered by other events. - Maybe next time?

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Molly's tracks
View Ranger logo

"ViewRanger" offers several advantages over (Gaggle) other displays
You can:-
Zoom right in for fine details of courses
Analyse tacking and steering errors
See time, distance, speed at any point on a track
"How long did it take to shake out the reefs?"

Molly's Morbihan 2015 tracks are here:-
Tue 12th (1 Lamor Baden > Isle D'Arz), (2 Isle D'Arz > Lamor Baden).
Wed 13th (1 Lamor Baden > Bois Bas), (2 Bois Bas > Vannes).
Fri 15th (1 Vannes (Port Anna) > Isle D'Arz), (2 Isle D'Arz > Le Logeo), (3 Le Logeo > Port Navalo ).
Sat 16th (1 Grand Parade. Port Navalo > Arradon), (2 Arradon Slipway).

Conversion. 1 Statute mile = 0.87 Nautical miles approx.


Below here is under re-construction .  



Ile d’Arz - The famous fête champêtre.


Wednesday -T.


Thursday - Was this the day of “Oysters in the Cloisters” ?

Click any picture for full size

Friday -D



The ‘Grande Parade’!


Sunday - W - Crew: G.

Pictures - Unedited - From SM. (false link)  
Our reports from Previous visits . 2013, 2011, .

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