THE HENLEY WHALERS - Crew Booking system
Detailed Instructions & Diagnosing Log-on problems

» Don't panic if this page looks very "wordy". It is written in some detail to help computer-phobes.
» Don't worry if your screen looks slightly different to my pictures.
» Try to work through the steps in sequence.
» As long as you can move from one stage to the next you are probably doing OK.
» If you get stuck, or things look really wrong, let me know which was your last successful stage, and tell me the symptoms of the failed stage.

Eleven steps to success?

1. Open the Henley Whalers Website

2. Near the top, click "Crew booking system"
CBS icon


3. The Booking System instructions should appear.



4. Read them, then go to "2. Click Here To Log In".

5. Are you offered a window which looks a bit like this "Prompt"? ------->
6. If so, in the upper white slot, type the username we gave you, for example "henley" (without the inverted commas, and no spaces or capitals), like this
. . . . . . . .. . . ..
7. In the lower white slot, type the password we gave you, for example "excellent" (without the inverted commas), like this.
. . . . . . .. . . . .. excellent
8. It should appear as a row of asterisks like this . . .. . ********
. (The above examples are not the actual words!)

9. Click in the "remember" box, and you should see a tick (see right >>>)
10. Click "OK", (or press your Enter or Return key)

11. You should see something like this >>>
Congratulations, you've arrived!
12. If you need more help, let me know.
13. Next time you want to log on, when you get to stage (5), if the "Prompt" box already appears completed as shown, just click "OK". This should jump you straight to stage (11).
14. OK?

Contact the one who runs this site for further information.

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