THE HENLEY WHALERS - What does "Molly" look like?
A few pictures for New Members and Visitors.
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"Molly" in
Rowing mode
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"Molly" in
Sailing mode

Waiting in the rain
Normal Rowing mode.
10 oars plus helm
"Long Row",
October 2012

Great River Race
September 2009

Full main-sail. 8 crew
Normal Sailing mode
Full main-sail, 8 crew.
"English Raid" 2014

Molly overtaking!
Try "Full screen" and sound on.
English Raid 2012.
Long Row
"Long Row"
Oct 2014
Rowing 4th Jan 2015
4th Jan 2015

Full sail 9 crew
Full main-sail. 9 crew. Velalonga, Venice. 2010

Video above, Image below
Video - from on board
English Raid 2014
Rowed, plus sailing rig
Morbihan 2013
Dressed like a Viking?
Pageant for HM The Queen. Henley, June 2012
Full main-sail. 7 crew
English Raid 2012
Full main-sail. 7 crew
Englilsh Raid 2013

At Westminster
The Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant, Dressed mast.

Below Tower Bridge.
The Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Dressed mast.
One reef. 6 crew
One reef. 6 crew
One reef. 7 crew
One reef. 7 crew
English Raid 2012

During Build. Spring 2003

Molly, Bird's-Eye
Molly, Bird's-Eye.
Venice 2014.
Full reefed
Fully reefed. 7 crew
Morbihan 2013
Fully reefed + Lazy-jacks
Fully Reefed. 6 crew. Sweden 2003. Note the use of lazy-jacks.
Trysail (small mainsail & no boom) for stronger winds
Life aboard (Glandore 2013)
Page under construction..
Molly in Caledonia
Caledonia (2003?).
Molly at Cawsand chasing an Enterprise
Cawsand. August 2008.
Molly English Raid 2011
English Raid 2011

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