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Crew:  George, Julia, Steve, Dick, Paul, Caroline, Ivor, Hugo.

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Would you believe the last time we had sailed from Rye was just over three years ago? - 24/11/02.
It was good to be back, and to discover that today's race would have more competitors than before.

Wind NNW-NW 3-4? 

Course - A short "Sausage & Triangular", West of Rye Harbour entrance.

Start: East to west just off the harbour mouth. Molly was last across the line - a sporting gesture?
(The "Scrutineer" had asked what her handicap was, but the crew representative claimed not to know)

The first mark (A) was about 0.3Nm to the west, a short distance off the shore.

Molly soon settled into a comfortable pace in the gentle swell, chasing the fleet (a dozen or so "Scorpions" and similar dinghies) toward the first marker and passing a few on the way.

Marker (B) was about 0.2Nm south of (A).

Molly's crew had the chance to inspect a few more of the fleet at close quarters en-route to (B)

Back to (A) then (B) again before a dash of about 0.3Nm East to (C).

A, B, A, B and C followed again. By now Molly had shown her stern to everyone and was heading for the finish at (A).

Eric chased valiantly but Molly kept ahead and took the winning "gun".

Molly's Time 30 minutes

Molly's Speeds - Average 3.6Kts, Maximum speed during the race 6Kts (6,8 later)

Relaxing after the race

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Photos (c) PaulW 2006

Some boats were towed back against the ebb tide to the the slipway. Molly sailed and rowed.
Now the main purpose of the day? A
djourn to the clubhouse for chat, refreshments, etc.

Prizes -
Did someone say prizes? - Oh yes. Two local lads won chocolates and a mug each. Eric picked up something a bit more interesting, and all that was left, when they called for our skipper, was the rum!

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