THE HENLEY WHALERS - SWEDISH TRIP - August 9th to 17th 2003

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Transcription of the email from Charles Henri le Moing
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Transcription of the email from Charles Henri le Moing

Last News ­ Discovery Raid in Sweden

To the "veterans"
of Albacore/Dacmar Raids

Following our email of December 14th and your numerous answers to this note, here are the last news.

We are coming back from Sweden where our reconnaissance escaped just in time the growing ice and where we have arranged a sail and oars raid to take place from August 9th to August 17th 2003.
This will be a saltwater event to be run in the sheltered waters of the Blekinge archipelago islands on the Southern coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea. We have found there a completely unspoilt scenery which was till 1998 closed to all navigation except for the Swedish Navy.

For the first year in 2003, it will be a discovery raid with a limited number of boats. We would like to give a preference for participating to competitors whom we know well from our previous raids in Portugal and ScotlandS we mean good sailors with seaworthy boats able to cope with some short "offshore" passages between the islands.

The course has not yet been finalized as there are so many exciting possibilities. There should be a starting point in a little fishing harbour (cod, herrings and eels) at the west end of the course, and an arrival in the historic harbour and naval city of Karlskrona built by King Karl XI as a navy base at the end of the 17th century and still preserved in its original condition.
There will be stopovers on the motherland and in the islands, some in hotels, and some in more rustic camping huts or youth hostels, but all by the sea.

Concerning financial conditions there will be as in the other raids an entry fee per boat and a contribution to accommodation expenses with also possibilities for self sufficiency and camping.

If you are interested to take part let us know quickly in order that we may send you in priority an application form with full information before the general info to be sent to all listed sailors.


Charles Henri le Moing, Jochen Krauth

ALBACORE B.P.2 - 56400 LE BONO - FRANCE - tel +33 2 97 57 94 00 - fax +33 2 97 57 85 55
email : (Spam limitation - To email remove the "z" from the address - Ed.)
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In cooperation with the city of Karlskrona and the Swedish National Naval Museum

The Info sheet n░5bis has been removed at the request of Charles Henri.

Crew may get a copy from The Skipper or from the Webmaster

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EXTERNAL LINKS about the Blenkinge region & Getting there

Some weblinks for the Swedish trip - Mainly in English
Almost all of them have many further good links - Try them.
1 Where is Blekinge? Includes a map and a link to their Medical Care!
2 Blekinge Tourism Tourist Information & loads of pictures
3 Facts about Blekinge and descriptions
4 Naval city of Karlskrona Good guide, maps, and more
5 (Withdrawn)
6 Karlskrona City Guide Good guide, maps, and more.
7 Political map. Look for Karlskrona in the SE of Sweden (Slow to load)
8 "MultiMap".
9 The ěresund Bridge Picture - Wow what a bridge - "When is a bridge not a bridge?"
10 The ěresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden - Pictures and movies.
11 Oresund Bridge - Prices etc
12 Combined Ferry & Bridge ticket

Weather Statistics for Blekinge region

Weather at Ronneby, Sweden - From - Today - & - Statistics for August

Average precipitation in August is 41 mm and temperature is 15,6 deg C. At SMHI station Han÷.
(Thank you Torny Axell, SMHI Customer Services)

Sea surface temperatures in August: Hano and off Karlskrona: In the beginning and middle of August 15.6-15.9 degrees C At the end 15.0.
(Thank you Jan-eric Lundqvist SMHI)

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