THE HENLEY WHALERS - Venice '08 - Velalonga Regatta and the Velalonga Raid Version 24/5/8
PRE-DEPARTURE MATERIAL - The Velalonga Report is here
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What is the Veilalonga?
The Regatta Saturday 31st May & 1st June 08 - Programme, Announcement, Rules, Map, Registration, Map, Logistics, Accommodation.
The Raid Tues 3rd - Sun 8th June 08 - Programme, Map
Other accommodation
Airports - Anyone want to add any preferred airlines, etc?
Transport - Local & National
Weather - 48-hr, 7-day, 10-day, 14-day forecasts
Nautical Stuff
added 24/5/8
Other general info about Venice
Useful Phrases

What is the Velalonga 2008?
Programme of the Regatta
. . . Saturday 31st May - More detail in Italian here? or is this it? or this? (My navigation skills are better than my Italian!)
. . . Sun 1st June 2008 "Velalonga", Venice. (Last day of half term)
. . . Regatta Velalonga Announcement includes organisers, classes, & more
. . . Regatta Rules & regulations
. . . Map of the Regatta course?
. . . Registration - how to do it + links to the forms
. . . A map of where the event is based
. . . "Logistics" - How to find us - Accommodation. various hotels in and around Venice,
and CAMPING VILLAGE VENEZIA Tents, roulottes, campers, and several dozen bungalows for 1-4 persons. Guests who present a completed registration form to the Velalonga will be offered a 10% discount and a special price for bungalows (25 to 65 per night)
Another version In Italian lists another campsite, right at the bottom -
Camping Fusina

"Velalonga Raid" - Tue 3 - Sun 8/6/08 "or this? "
. . . Programme of the Raid
. . . Map and programme of the raid In Italian

Other accommodation

San Carlo Hotel - Not as close as the campsite/chalets? - (Thank you Claus)
(See "Logistics" above for the organisers list)

Marco Polo airport info - A map showing Marco Polo airport + English pages here
Venice Airport - Marco Polo Searchable index of flights, departures and arrivals
Treviso Airport - airport info, transport, etc + English pages here

Local and National Transport
ACTV Venice's waterbuses and Land buses
ATVO Public transport in Eastern Veneto. Shuttle service from Venice and Treviso airports. In Italian
Italian Trains Official timetable, information, tickets, etc.
Italy's Motorways official site

Weather in Venice
10-day forecast (by Weather co UK)
Metcheck 48 hr, 7-day & 14-day forecasts
Tide predictions

Admiralty Version
goes 7 days ahead but does not allow for local met conditions
CHARTS - ZOOM in and look at the Soundings

Venice - Other general information

"Italyheaven"The lagoon, the islands, the mud, .......!
Loads of stuff about Venice: museums, concerts, eating, shops etc.
Venice Guide By Travel plan. Food drink, museums, sites, etc.
Venice In Italy Maps of the islands, and more
More general info here

Useful Phrases
Saling Terms Translated Several pages of nautical terms, grouped in categories
Nautical terms translator
Put in Italiano, out comes Inglese

A few general phrases collected by the webmaster
* Hello - Buon giorno
* Good evening - Buona sera
* Good night - Buona notte
* Hi/hello/bye - Ciao
* Goodbye - Arrivederci
* Please - Per favore / Per piacere
* Thank you - Grazie (mille)
* You’re welcome - Prego
* How are you? - Come sta? / Come stai?
* Fine - Sto bene.
* What is your name? - Come si chiama? (formal) Come ti chiami? (informal)
* My name is - Mi chiamo -
* Where are you from? - Di dove sei?
* I am from - Sono di...
* Do you speak English? - Parli inglese?
* I do not understand - Non capisco.

* A table for two, please - Un tavolo per due, per favore.
* May I see the menu? - Potrei vedere il menù?
* What would you recommend? - Cosa ci consiglia?
* I'm vegetarian - Sono vegetariana.
* May we have the bill please? - Può portarci il conto, per favore?
* I have a table reserved - Ho prenotato un tavolo.
* I would like to see the menu, please - Vorrei vedere il menu, per favore.
* I would like to order now - Vorrei ordinare ora.
* To start, I would like the ... - Vorrei degli - come antipasto.

* Where is? - Dov'é -?
* On the right - a destra
* On the left - a sinistra
* Straight ahead - dritto
* Cross - attraversi
* Take - prenda

When is the next boat / ferry / hydrofoil to...?
Quando parte il prossimo battello / traghetto / aliscafo per...?
kwando partay eel pros-seemo bat-tayl-lo/tra-gayt-to/alee-skafo payr...

Have you a timetable?
Ha l'orario?
al orar-yo

Is there a car ferry to...?
C'è il traghetto macchine per...?
che eel tra-gayt-to mak-keenay payr...

How much is a ticket...? single return
Quanto costa un biglietto...? andata andata e ritorno
kwanto kosta oon an-data ay ree-torno

A tourist ticket
Un biglietto tariffa turistica
oon beel-yayt-to ta-reef-fa too-reesteeka

How much is it for a car and ... people?
Quanto costa per un'automobile e ... persone?
kwanto kosta payr oon owto-mobeelay ay ... payr-sonay

How long does it take?
Quanto ci mette?
kwanto chee met-tay

Where does the boat leave from?
Da dove parte il battello?
da dovay partay eel bat-tayl-lo

When is the first / last boat?
Quando parte il primo / l'ultimo battello?
kwando partay eel preemo / lool-teemo bat-tayl-lo

Is there somewhere to eat on the ship?
C'è il servizio ristorante sulla nave?
che eel sayrveets-yo reesto-rantay sool-la navay

Questo è l'ultimo battello
kwesto e lool-teemo bat-tayl-lo
This is the last boat

Oggi non c'è servizio...perché c'è lo sciopero
od-jee non che sayrveets-yo...payrkay che lo sho-payro
Today there is no service...because there is a strike

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With thanks to the Velalonga organisers for these two background graphics - Originals available on their website/s.
































English pages about the airport shuttles. This one for Marco Polo: and this one for Treviso: I found these from another 'general info' site at which also might be good to add to the page.SM

How about this stuff: Zoom in and see the scary soundings! BB