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KM's Pictures
Sweden 2003 & Sweden Reports

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Regatta Week, July 2007 - Brief samples
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One way to launch a whaler - Summer 06 - Henley Reach
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Solent June 04

Solent June 04

Solent June 04
GRR 2003
GRR 2003
GRR 2003
Sea Trials 26/7/03
Sea Trials 26/7/03
Sea Trials 26/7/03
Sea Trials 26/7/03
Great River Race 2000
Coming Ashore

Vogalonga '99 Dangling

Vogalonga '99 The Giudecca

Vogalonga '99 Lagoon

Vogalonga '99 Near Grand Canal

Vogalonga '99 Grand Canal
Whaling Pictures

Sweden 1
(C) Kathy Mansfield 2003
See also - Sweden 2003

Sweden 2
(C) Kathy Mansfield 2003
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NG. Henley, Flood 2

Caledonian Canal

Collingwood in Venice1

NG. Henley, Flood 3

Skipper's Birthday Cruise - 2/4/03

Collingwood in Venice 2

NG. Henley, Flood 4

NG. France 1

NG. France 2

NG. Henley, Flood 5

NG. France 3

NG. Henley Bridge

NG. Henley, Flood 6
. GRR02


TS. From Bridge; Flood

Lutra-Lutra (common otter) - Henley Whalers' first boat

Thanks to Eric Zon for this picture. He owned Lutra-Lutra after Henley Whalers, and later sold her to a club in Ijmuiden Holland who have been doing her up over the last few years.

We have more recentlly heard that Lutra Lutra is languishing, in a sad state, in Ijmuiden.

Picture of Molly by JM
Seen, unusually with mainsail but no gib, being rowed when becalmed, probably on Loch Ness. This one is courtesy of John Macphearson. His Caledonia gallery is linked from ours

Molly "Fastest Whaler" award at Eddystone Challenge.
Bad weather forced the organisers to run the race up the Tamar and back, but we all agreed it was an excellent day out, and still a great challenge, with no shortage of exciting moments.

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Sunday brought slightly lower winds, allowing a thrilling sail around the breakwater, with s.o.g. 9.8Kts.
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Here we are with Saturday's trophy.
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KM's Pictures
Sweden 2003 & Sweden Reports
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