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Summary of "Henley Whalers" Videos

Henley Whalers row their replica American whaleboat every week at Henley on Thames, year-round, and sail at events throughout Europe

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Event Report Link to Video / Description
Ice-Breaker 2019 Ice-Breaker 2019 - Includes Molly
Boxing Day 2018 Boxing Day 2018 -
"Village Gardeners" 2018 Sonning Common "Village Gardeners" row to "The Flowerpot" - Video.
Long Row 2018 Annual Long Row. October 2018 - Video includes Molly - 5:41
Rowing Gloriana 2018 Brief video here.
Venice 2018 Report with Video still to be completed + CN's video
Boat Race Flotilla 2018 Report with Video still to be completed
  "What is a Raid" - Based on a Presentation to Reading Sailing Club January 2018. Includes Molly.
Long Row 2017 Long Row 2017 - Video includes Molly -
English Raid 2017 English Raid 2017 Plymouth - Video includes Molly.
Morbihan 2017 Video Includes Molly - 6:20 - Short version 4:20.
Boat Race Flotilla 2017 Video Includes Molly - Short version here. "Someone else's" video here (downloads a 6Mb file).
Long Row 2016 River Wey & Thames - Video = Molly passing through gate-less lock.
English Raid 2016 Blairvaddach, Clyde, Scotland - Maybe no video?
Douarnenez 2016 Report still to be completed - Maybe no video?
Venice 2016 Report still to be completed - Maybe no video?
Long Row 2015 Gallions, Woolwich Barrier, Chiswick. - Brief video includes Molly - See report for pictures.
English Raid 2015 Plymouth - Maybe no video?
Source to Sea Relay 2015 Maybe no video?
Magna Carta 2015 Maybe no video?
Morbihan 2015 Report only semi-written - Maybe no video?
Thames Upper Reaches Canoe, not Molly. - Maybe no video?
Ice-Breaker 2015 Maybe no video?
English Raid 2014 Mylor - Video includes Molly.
Maybe more to find?  
English Raid 2012 Video includes Molly racing past..
Brest & Douarnenez 2012 Videos exist - Might not include Molly - See report
Dorestaad Raid 2009 Video exists. May not include Molly . Try here . Or the Dutch site archive.
  Earlier videos may exist but have not yet been traced.

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