Henley Whalers - Visitors and New Members sometimes ask:-


What should I wear? - Visitors and New Members will find that comfortable casual "street" clothes are OK for a normal leisure row. The ability to add/subtract layers is useful. Avoid fronts in which your oar handle might catch.
Some crew wear weightlifting, cycling or sailing gloves.
Grippy, soft-soled flat shoes are important.
Waterproofs/windproofs for poor weather.
There is space aboard for anything you peel off.

Should bring anything else? - A headtorch is useful if it is a night-time row.. Lifejackets are normally only required for sailing.

How do I find you? - Details here.

What time should I arrive? - See "Coming Soon" - If you are early you might be the first there!

How do I know I'll get a seat? - The owner or website manager will put your name on the Crew Booking System - Just ask.
We'll need your mobile and landlines, and we'll give you ours, in case there are last-minute changes.

What events are there? - Molly is rowed and sailed at Henley on Thames and in various venues across Europe.
She goes out every Wednesday evening (with few exceptions), and also once a month on a weekend in daylight. Exceptions occur when Molly is away for special events or rarely due to maintenance or serious river conditions.
Events in the near future - are listed in the "Coming Soon" section of our website. We try to keep it current.
Annual and other special events in the more distant future are listed in Future events. These include sailing and rowing.

Are there any tests? Do you expect any particular ability, knowledge or experience? - Just a sense of humour, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn/adapt - Our friendly crew will be happy to guide you. One of our experienced "skippers" will oversee safety. If you enjoy "Whaling" you'll soon want to enhance your nautical skills - All in good time!

What else might I need to know? - “Molly’s” seating is 5 rows of 2 (ie side by side), with fixed seats (not sliding), Each rower has one oar; these are in rowlocks on the gunwale as in this picture (ie not like "riggers" on racing eights). Here are some other pictures of Molly.

Have you had a look at “Who are we”, and “You think you want to join us”?  The latter is about as near as our informally constituted group gets to specifying conditions of membership.  It also contains a link to the “Crew Booking System” for which you will be given a password if you become a paid-up member. If you join up you’ll also be added to our email circulation, “Whalernet”.
You’ll also notice a polite request for a “non-member’s” contribution.

Everything else you might wish to know is probably in the website. For further information, contact the one who runs this site.

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