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Rowing - BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT! - Not balanced on top of a narrow, unstable boat, but sitting inside a prize-winning, fixed-seat vessel.

"I'm too old / too young / unfit / can't row / never rowed" - Just try it as a passenger.
"I'm frightened" - "Molly" is totally buoyant, and so seaworthy you can stand up and walk around! - She is amongst the safest boats on this stretch of The Thames.

Row and sail a modern, light-weight, 10-oared whale-boat. - See "Who are we - What do we do?", or click here to enquire.
Leisurely, sociable, Sitting-down exercise! - No sliding-seats! - Sweat and lycra rarely seen.

No experience, skill, special kit, or particular fitness required. - "Its just good fun!".


"Weekly Wednesday Whaling" - 20:00hrs - Year-round - Usually from Upper Thames Rowing Club.Year - Social rowing - "Put the world right" - Leave frustrations behind for a couple of hours - Description & details.

"Monthly Weekend Whaling" - Daylight rowing - Usually 10:30 on the second Saturday or Sunday of each month - Ideal for visitors, beginners and non-rowing passengers - Always fun - Can include Pub lunch / Picnic / Refreshment-stop - Descriptions. Details. Pictures.

Sailing & Rowing Expeditions in UK & Europe.- See "Future Events".

Events are sometimes re-scheduled for expeditions or Henley River conditions.

Visitors & New Members welcome - ask for info. - Members - check our "Crew Booking System"

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"Recent" (and not so recent) Events
A loose log of major events of the past couple of years.

In reverse order - With links to reports and pictures

Events before 2015 are in "Past Events" . "Second Sundays" are in "Weekend Whaling" .

Events from January 2020 - Sorry, been focused on other projects

A Lock Keper is
DORESTAD RAID - Wednesday 18th - Sunday 22nd September 2019.
8 "Henley Whalers" attended with 2 boats.

Click for Pictures

The English Raid ~ Returns to Scotland - Monday 22 July – Saturday 27 July 2019. No report provided
La Semaine Du Golfe du Morbihan - Monday, 27th May- Sun 2nd June 2019. Report in gestation! Please send contributions - Pictures &/or Text
University Boat Race Flotilla - No report or pictures yet. Please send contributions - Pictures &/or Text
"Annual Ice Breaker" 2nd Jan 2019. 1-day Row & Sail to Cowes for lunch and back. - Will you be sending anything?

Traditional "Mince-Pie Meet" - Boxing Day 2018.
Row to meet friends & rellies on Mill Meadows for refreshments. Previous visits > 2013, 2011, 2010.

Rowing Home
Saturday 3rd November - Sonning Common "Village Gardeners" - To Aston, lunch, and back. FlowerPot
Long Row 2018 - Newbury, River Kennet to Reading, then Thames to Henley, UTRC.
29 miles + 24 Locks.
Mainly rural. Fairly local. Easy logistics. - Report includes Henley Standard .
Sunday 22nd July - Henley Whalers row Royal Barge "Gloriana". (Not a "Molly" outing). Brief video here.
Gloriana 2018 Induction
Click for video

Molly in Venice - Saturday 19th to Sunday 27th May 2018 - Report awaits your input ! .
Meanwhile .... Here is GP's contribution to Henley Standard.
SM's pics ...https://photos.app.goo.gl/P6ATHofkYpcQmghJ6.

Some previous visits.
2014, 2011, 2010 & here. 2009, 2008 & here. 1999, Col,


THE Boat Race - Saturday, 24th March 2018 - In Flotilla accompanying Royal Barge "Gloriana".
Report awaits your pictures !
One here from elsewhere



Whalers' Annual Long Row - River Medway - Sat 14th, Sun 15th October 2017. Report here.
"CASTLE to CASTLE" and three more in between -
"The Garden of England" plus Maritime Heritage - Very green and mainly tranquil, with historic flourishes.
Long Row

The English Raid ~ Plymouth - Monday 14th - Friday 18th August 2017. - Each year this raid visits new waters. Report here.

Stand-uip Raiding!
Graham does it standing up!
La Semaine Du Golfe du Morbihan - Monday, 22nd - Sun 28th May 2017. Report here.
Brilliant tidal sailing mainly in enclosed bay with islands and creeks. Masses of traditional sailing boats from three-masted tall ships to small dinghies. An excellent week!
Morbihan 2017. Joining the Grand Parade

THE Boat Race - Sunday, 2nd April 2017 - In Flotilla accompanying Royal Barge "Gloriana".
Draft report here.

Fri 7th - Sun 9th October 2016 - Whalers' Annual "Long Row". River Wey. Wey Long Row

Mon 8th - Thu 11th August 2016 - "English Raid" - Scotland! - Blairvadach. Report

Clve Sailing Club

Tues 19th - Sun 24th July 2016 - Douarnenez
Report under construction. Please send editorial, pictures/links.

Report & pics Awaited

Sunday 15th - Sunday 22nd May 2016 - A "Week in Venice"! - Three events; rowing, "raiding" and sailing. Report under construction. Please send editorial, pictures/links. - Report & pics Awaited

Some previous visits.
2016 awaiting YOUR input, 2014, 2011, 2010 & here. 2009, 2008 & here. 1999, Col,
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Saturday 17th October 2015 - Whalers' Annual "Long Row".
"Great River Race for Softies" - Gallions Point to Chiswick Quay .
Pictures & Notes - Here.

Molly returning to base sans oars.

Woolwich Barrier
Woolwich Barrier
Monday 7th - Friday 11th September 2015 - English Raid - Plymouth .
Report & pictures here.
Tree Arch
Monday 24th August 2015 - Source to Sea Relay. .Report & Pictures Report and pictures here.
Tree Arch
Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th June 2015 - Magna Carta Celebrations. Marlow to Runnymede - Report here.
Monday 11th to Saturday 16th May 2015 - La Semaine Du Golfe Du Morbihan. A fun-filled week of sailing in the Inland Sea on the Atlantic coast of Brittany. - Link to report under construction (w/b 27/2/17).
Report & pics Awaited
"Upper Reaches" - Not strictly a Whaler outing, but three "Henley Whalers" tackled the upper reaches of The Thames in April 2015. Report here.
Tree Arch
Sunday 4th January 2015 Annual "Ice-Breaker". Calshot to Cowes. Row/sail to Isle of Wight and back. Report.
Tree Arch
Local Sailing
Popular amongst adults (albeit initiated for students)
Currently adjourned, but if you'd like to try it ....Let us know.
Students sailing
Wednesday Afternoon
Student rowing. Currently adjourned.
Let us know if you'd like something similar.

Events before 2015 are in "Past Events"

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Contributions and Contact
For your questions, membership enquiries, editorial, whaling-related pictures, suggestions for improving this site, etc.

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Nautical Links
We take no responsibility for the content of these offsite links - Suggestions/Corrections welcome

Website with Reciprocal links
Reading Sailing Club - 60 acre lake near Sonning.

Stan Hugill. A tribute to "The last shantyman".100th anniversary. "When no Shanteyman is left to sing, our whole world will have gone completely to the dogs". And links to his material.
Whaling City - "Molly" look-alikes? Whaleboating in New Bedford, MA, USA.

Weather Forecasts - All pre-set for Henley on Thames

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Centred on UTRC - What do you think of it?
"We focus on weather prediction and meteorological data visualisation"


"Dark Sky" - Combined Weather radar and forecast.
Centred on UTRC - Do you like it?
Dark Sky
"the most accurate .. hyperlocal ... down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you're standing"
Both images below should update themselves daily
Their forecasts are normally pretty good though maybe a little pessimistic. Click either for more options.
If you cant see MetCheck here, you may need a browser update - Click anyway.
16 day weather forecast from "TheWeatherOutlook".

Rain Bothering you? - "AccuWeather Minute-Cast"
Precise 2-hr Rain Forecast
Plus Radar

From Reading Sailing Club near Sonning
. Live weather data . (temp, wind, etc) . Or here

Local Forecast + Live Data
+ Past Hour/Day/Week/Month

Nearby are; SC2, SC344.
In Henley; Fairmile, KingJRd, GreysRd, Harps, and one to ignore.

Local Snow Warning system

Useful in winter!

LOCAL WEATHER - 1 - 16 Days Forecasts

2-Day, Hourly forecast + other facilities

YR easy-Ready Forecast.

The Met Office
The Met Office
needs no introduction!

The Weather Channel
offers many permutations and statistics

XCW Weather


Make your own 1 to 6-hr Rain Prediction

European Radar

WeatherCast logo
Ensemble Forecasts

How far ahead can you trust any forecast? - Ensembles can tell us.
Forecasts become least reliable at the point where the Ensemble "plumes" are scattered.
In stable conditions, the plumes are less scattered and forecasts may be trusted further into the future.

Ensemble Temperature
Click for today's latest version with official explanation.

Here's a different style from Wetternzentrale.
Centred on Henley-on-Thames

Tell us which is your preferred forecast.


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