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Weekly Wednesday Rowing - Wednesday evenings, year-round.
Weekend Whaling - Day-time rowing and/or sailing - Usually the second Sunday each month, generally in the Henley area.
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2017 - Special and Annual events

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January 2017, Mon 2nd.. - Whalers' Annual "Ice-breaker" - Typically Calshot 08:45. Cast off 10:00. Row to Lunch in Cowes. Sail back. At Calshot by 15:30.
Cancelled due to bad weather - WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR.

Previous visits. (2016 none), 2015, (2014,2013 none), 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, (2006 was Rye Rum Race)

Non-Molly possibilities



UK, Mediterranean or Poland.

One or more comfortable chartered yachts


THE Boat Race - Sunday, 2nd April 2017 - In Flotilla accompanying Royal Barge "Gloriana"
PW's Map of the route, timings, tides, bridge heights, etc..
Official Guidance Notes, . App1, . App2.
"Thames Alive" (nothing relevant at 24/2/17 - Let me know if you see anything useful)

La Semaine Du Golfe du Morbihan - Monday, 22nd - Sun 28th May 2017 (our web page).
Brilliant tidal sailing mainly in enclosed bay with islands and creeks. Masses of traditional sailing boats from three-masted tall ships to small dingies. An excellent week!
Molly in Flotilla 3B, Traditional Leisure boats & Open boats. (Flotilla 2 is Sail & Oar)

Previous visits 2O15, 2013, 2011, 2009, .
Henley Regatta - June 28th - 2nd July 2017 - Cruise around, picnic, watch the people. Watch some rowing races if you like! - HRR site. Previous visit/s. 07 and many others not yet linked.
Henley Festival July 5th to 9th 2017 - Party aboard, listen to the music, watch the fireworks - Festival site - Main Stage Evenings:-
Wed; Jess Glynne. Thur; Pet Shop Boys. Fri; Chaka Khan. Sat; Goldie +Heritage. Sun; All Saints +Melanie C.
Previous visits
07, & many others not yet lilnked.
Cowes Classics Week
July 17th - 21st 2017 - Their website - Insufficient crew to participate.
Similar(?) previous visit Old Gaffers Cowes August 2013. Link coming soon.
English Raid - 14th - 18th August - 2017 Plymouth. Website Previous English Raids, 2016 Clyde, 2015 Plymouth, 2014 Falmouth, 2013 Norflok, 2012 Essex, 2011 Solent, 2010 Solent here (password Molly) & here.

Wed 13th - Sun 17th Sept 2017 - Dorestad Raid
Sheltered sailing in beautiful inland waters
Hotel barge moves to each night stop.
Rates. E250 pp sleeping on your own boat or E300 pp sleeping on hotel barge "In Dubio" all inclusive. - Dutch web page - English interpretation.
Some Whalers going with " Llafurio"

Previous visits.
2016 Four Henley Whalers attended with SM's "Llafurio". Click for pics (bottom of page).
2014, PW crewed for others
2011 - ST & PW
crewed for others PW's pics
2010 - Some pictures from CB here.
2009 - CB's pics here. Video here,

Saturday 14th - Sun 15th Oct 2017 (Plus Friday positioning)
Whalers' Annual Long Row - River Medway
"CASTLE to CASTLE" and three more in between
"The Garden of England" plus Maritime Heritage
Very green and mainly tranquil, with historic flourishes - See here.

Previous Long Rows - 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. 2009.


Below, old data for webmaster's reference -

Reports for 2016, 2015 & 2014 events are listed in "Recent News".

Sunday 15th May 2016 Vogalonga - Venice -Vogalonga (English) - (Italian)
Mass Rowing "Procession" around Venice lagoon and city.
Previous visits. 2016, 2014, 2011, 2009, 99, Col,
Our Venice 2008 pre-departure info.
Tues 17th - Sat 21st May 2016 = Vela Raid - Venice - Vela-Raid (English) - Beware some of the info may be from last year.
Sailing and Rowing. "Camping"/"hotels" mainly around the nether regions of the lagoon.
Previous visit/s. 2016,
2014, 2011, 2010,
(Old links) 2008 & HS,
(Others not yet linked)

Sat 21st May 2016 = Prova la Vela (letting other people in your boat and general showing off)

Sun 22nd May 2016 = Velalonga - Venice - Velalonga. (currently mainly 2015).(or try here)
Mass Sailing Race around the Lagoon.

Sat 13th & Sun 14th June 2015 - Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Celebrations - Details here.

(No previous visits)
11th - 18th June 2016 - Milford Haven .SeaFairHaven.
Henley Whalers not attending this time.
Previous visit/s 10. 08,

Glandore Classic Regatta
Now off our 2017 agenda. Cowes Classics instead

Previous visit - 2013 .
Various Thames Pageants  
Wed 13th - Tues 19th July 2016 - Brest Website . Previous visit 2012.
Tues 19th - Sun 24th July 2016 - Douarnenez - Website (in French) (or here- brief summary in English).
Tres fantgastrique! - Sailing and a little rowing.
Bays, beaches, BBQs, all sorts of traditional sailing boats, large and small.
Previous visit 2012.
(Thurs 15th – Sun 18th August 2013. "Old Gaffers Jubilee Festival"- Cowes, Isle of Wight). Previous visit/s. (not yet linked)
Monday 24th August - Source to Sea Relay 2015 - Hambleden to Temple. Previous S2S relays. 2015, 2014, 2013.
July - The Eddystone Challenge - Try this link or this-or this - Row Round The Eddystone light! An incredibly arduous (and rather boring?) row!
Followed by a week of relaxed (?) cruising in the Plymouth area . Henley Whalers not attended recently.
(Old links) Our previous visit/s.09 08, 06,

June 2013. - Elbe Expedition, by Willem Leopold - Desden to Magdburg. - "Elbe Expedition" page . No whalers attended.

(Not planned for 2016 as far as we know)
June 28th OGA Cardiff Bay cruise up-channel.
June 30th OGA Cardiff Bay Race.
Previous visit/s. (not yet linked)

Mon 2nd - Sun 8th May 2016 - Vilaine en Fete - (Where is the button to select "English"?)
A land and water-based event with a River/Estuary Raid centered on La Roche Bernard river.

This would be our first at this event.

Sat 28th May - Sat 4th June 2016 = Sail Caledonia -
Henley Whalers prefer to go to Venice.
Here is some pre-departure stuff from previous years, about getting there, the area, the weather, accommodation, etc.

(Old links) Previous visit/s. 2007&HS, 06,04 &KM, (Others not yet linked)

Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June 2016 - OGA Yarmouth (IoW) This would be our first at this event
Saturday early Sept =The Great River Race - East > West - Seems to have fallen off The Henley Whalers' annual agenda - GRR official website (Old links) Previous visit/s 2012, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06a, b, c, 05, 04,03&03, 02&02 (Others not yet linked)


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