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Was this October 2008? - Picture in Henley Standard.. Greeting the Olympians. - (Molly on left)
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Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th October 2014 - Henley Whalers Annual Thames Long Row

Henley on Thames to Walton on Thames Report here

Molly Moored at Henley.Windsor.Walton Bridge
Henley on Thames . . Via Windsor to . .Walton on Thames
1st - 5th September 2014 - "English Raid", Mylor, Falmouth. - Report here! Contributions and corrections still welcome.
Molly at Pandora

Tuesday 26th August 2014 = "Source to Sea Relay". - UTRC, Hambledon, UTRC.

Report and pictures here.

Statistics - Due to reasons beyond our control, these are not published on this occasion!

The Bottle delivered to Temple Lock
25th to 27th July 2014 - The Whalers "Not Douarnenez - Not Molly" event, AKA "Solent Sailing"
Various photo links received. Blank page here - Report awaited..
Report & pics Awaited

Venice 2014
Vogalonga (Long Row) 8th June
Vela Raid 10th - 14th June
VelaLonga (Long Sail) 15th June.

An amazing “week” of rowing and sailing - Two prizes won. - Report here.

2013 below!
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Our Traditional Boxing Day row - 26th December 2013
(Or "How good intentions prevailed over adversity")

Does not count as a whaleboat outing? The event can not go un-recorded! Report & pictures here

Boxing Day 2011

Annual Autumn "Thames Long Row" - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October.

2013 - "Upper Reaches" - Lechlade to Abingdon.

Report here.

39 miles from Lechlade

Source to Sea, River Relay, Tuesday 10th September 2013

Molly carried the bottle from Hambleden Lock to Hurley Lock.
9.5nm, max 5.4kt. - Report and pictures here.

Thames Relay

Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th August 2013 - The Old Gaffers Association 50th Anniversary Festival, Cowes

A special event for Gaff Rigged boat enthusiasts - Video coming soon. Blank page here - Report awaited.

Report & pics Awaited

Monday 5th - Friday 9th August - The 4th English Raid - 2013 in Norfolk.

An annual event specifically for "Sail-and-Oar" enthusiasts - Report & Pictures

Thames Relay

Saturday 20th - Friday 26th July 2013 - Glandore Classics Regatta, Ireland

A great week-long sailing event in South-West Ireland. - Report here.

Glandore Paqrade of Sail

Monday 1st July 2013 - Royal Row Barge "Gloriana" and Molly together in Henley

On the occasion of the presentation of the Olympic Cauldron to The Henley River and Rowing Museum.
Blank page here - Report awaited..

Report & pics Awaited

Friday 28th - Sunday 30th June 2013 - Cardiff Bay, "Old Gaffers Association Rally"

Blank page here - Report awaited. .
Official site > Cardiff Bay Rally.

Report & pics Awaited

Sunday 2nd June 2013 - Henley Coronation Pageant

MOLLY at the river pageant in Henley to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation
Including an alternative perspective by Carson Rea.

(Official site)

Golfe du Morbihan, France, Mon 6th - Sun 12th May 2013
Report Here
2012 below!
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Floods in Henley - December 2012 to January 2013
High river levels prevent access to Molly - Pictures, video and statistics.
Henley Floods Dec 2012
13th & 14th October 2012 - 2-Day "Long Row".

Abingdon to Henley -
Reported in "- Weekend Whaling - here
Long Row Oct 2012

The Annual Great River Race - 15th Sept 2012

Report - Here

Have you got any pictures?

Molly Three Lions Flag

25th August 2012
The Olympic Heroes Welcome - Olympians row from Leander to RRM, UTRC and back.

Temporary page - Awaiting contributions.


The English Raid - 1st - 5th August 2012

Report, with video! - Here .

Harwich Harbour
26th & 27th July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay
Molly in the flotilla with "Gloriana" carrying The Flame from Hampton Court to London
Temporary page - Awaiting contributions.
Gigs & Molly Beached
12th - 22nd July 2012 - Brest & Douarnenez

Basic report plus link to Douarnenez pictures.

Gigs & Molly Beached

The Olympic Torch on The River Thames, Henley, 10th July 2012

Temporary page - Awaiting YOUR contributions, (and time to edit!)

Monday 25th June 2012
HM The Queen at Henley

Molly at the Pageant - Report here.
Jubilee Logo
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant 3rd June 2012
"Molly's view from the leading squadron

Plus Reports and pictures from "MySheenVillage"
And news article by Robin Popham
Thursday 9th Feb - Denise Lewis training with Henley Whalers 9th February 2012

Monday 2nd January 2012. "Ice-Breaker" - Calshot to Cowes - Report here.

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Steve's pictures
2011 below!
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Sunday 26th December 2011 . Our traditional Boxing Day row.

Non-rowing friends join us with festive fayre on Mill Meadows

The Annual Great River Race - 17th Sept 2011.
Report and Pictures
3rd fastest whaler
Third fastest whaler!

Second "English Raid" - 19th -24th July.....

Report is here

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Molly's annual European tour, 2011.....
... started on 30th May in Brittany at the Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan. - If you don't recognise
the bowsprit (right), you weren’t close enough! -
Report & pictures here

Molly then went on to three events in Venice; Vogalonga, Velalonga Raid, and Velalonga.

After a brief return to Henley, Molly headed south again, to The Solent (English Raid, above)

Click to enlarge

Sunday 2nd January 2011. "Ice-Breaker" - Calshot to Cowes - Report

Did you take any pictures? - Pass them to Webmaster

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2010 below!
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Sunday 26th December 2010 11:00. Our traditional Boxing Day row. (Includes new pictures - Others awaited)

Non-rowing friends join us with festive fayre on Mill Meadows at 12:00

26th December 2010
The Great River Race 2010 - No report written but some pics available on request.
Dorestad Raid (Holland) 8th - 12th Sept 2010 - Some pictures from CB here. - No report written but some pics available on request.
" English Raid " ----- . Excellent explorations
Paul W's pictures here (password = Molly)
For other Raiders pictures click here
Kathy 7963-29710
Copyright Kathy Mansfield 2010
Wonderful week in Wales."SeaFair 2010". SM's pics.. - No report written but some pics available on request.
Great successes in Venice 2010
Molly wins First overall in 4-day Velalonga Raid. First in class in Velalonga race.

PW's Pictures(& others) here.
And here is The Raid Report
Velalonga Race Report = Awaited

2nd January 2010. "Ice-Breaker" - Calshot to Cowes - Report & Pictures here

2009 below!
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Sailing at Datchet - 7th November 2009 Here
[w/m some false links need restoring]
9-13 Sept 2009 Dorestad Raid in Netherlands - CB's photos are here . Video here.  
5th Sept - Great River Race - No report written but some pics available on request.
15th Aug - Eddystone Challenge - Remind me to put this one back on  
31st May Vogalonga. Velalonga Raid & Race - No report written but some pics available on request.
18-24 May - Morbihan - No report written but some pics available on request.
11th Jan 2009 Molly Wins Annual “Rye Rum Race" Report & pictures here  
1st Jan 2009 - Annual New Year's Day “ICE-BREAKER” expedition. Report & pictures here


2008 below!
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Was this October 2008? - Picture in Henley Standard.. Greeting the Olympians. - (Molly on left)
Sat 13th Sept. 2008. Great River Race. Ham near Richmond to Greenwich. Video of Molly below Tower Bridge [W/M newlink needed]. Nearly 300 boats competed on this prestigious 22 mile course. Replay the Race with statistics!  
Eddystone Challenge July 2008 Molly (and Crew) won the Whaler Trophy! Report here  
SeaFair Milford Haven 2008 - No report written but some pics available on request.
Venice May-June 2008 Molly Wins 3 prizes! - Interim ReportVenice - & - What the Henley Standard said about us
May 2008 - Phyllis Court Time Trials  
Ice-Breaker 1st Jan 2008  
2007 below!
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Dorestad - 2007  
Sept 07 - Great River Race 2007 - Molly's Best Ever GRR  
May/June 2007 Sail Caledonia - Webmaster's report Also see The Henley Standard June 07 Click here  
2006 below!
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29 Sept 06 Molly wins "Fastest Whaler" award at Eddystone Challenge. See here
And The Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club website [W/M False link]

Great River Race 2006 - Only three at the moment 1, 2, 3

Sail Caledonia May/June 2006 + now includes link to John's collection of nearly 400 pictures of the fleet from all angles!
Caledonia '06 Pre-visit info
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Rye Rum Race 2006  
2002, '03, '04, '05 below!
Great River Race 2005  
Cork - May 2005
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To Limehouse & "Vancouver" 16/4/05
Pictures - on DW's website and on SM's (false link?)

Hamble to Cowes January 2005

Various Pictures
Including some pre 2002

Additions August 07





KM's Pictures (false link?)

The Great River Race official website & results (false link)

Sail Caledonia '04 - Henley Whalers' Pictures
Kathy Mansfield's pictures (& more?)

Great River Race 2003
Molly's great Debut - Sweden -Skipper's report -
Race 1 - Race 2 - Race 3 - Race 4 & 5 - Interlude & Finale
Sweden - Other Pictures

Molly's River & Sea Trials - Nobody wrote reports on these - Any offers?

The Great LITTLE River Race 2002 (Rye)
The Great River Race 2002 - Including additions 21/9/03 & 4/1/04

There were events before 2002. - "Henley Whalers
" were in action from 1993 - See History of The Henley Whalers.


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